It’s all over….

We can’t quite believe it’s all over.

Until next time ;-)
Until next time πŸ˜‰

For the next couple of days we keep in touch regularly, smugly re-assuring ourselves that Stornoway and Wick really and truly was out of our reach. It was a good call as days later they were both still weathered-in and had we got there – we’d have been stuck there still!

So there it is. Once around (almost all of) the UK coastline, in a clockwise direction in a C172. Two FI(A)s and a PPL(A) flew 21hours hours over 14 legs, in 8 days stopping at 14 different airfields. Enormous amounts of AVGAS and food were consumed along the way. We also took 2300+ photos and created some priceless and incredible memories.

For any other low hours PPL looking for a great experience and a real adventure, I’d highly recommend pairing up with some other pilots (preferably some with much more experience) and just go for it. Go on a long-distance jaunt. Its great practice for those flying skills, radio skills, planning, weather-reading, decision making skills etc…

But most of all, it’s just great fun πŸ™‚